Wedding gift ornament and challenge coins

So within 24 hours and after minor issues with my new Pro, I’ve managed to churn out a few things aside from test ideas and cuts.

First was this ornament as a wedding gift for a friend getting married tonight. PG medium clear acrylic. All done on the front rather than reversing the image for the back. The name and image and small snowflakes are engraved, the congratulations is scored along with the larger two snowflakes. This was the second attempt as the first one was miscut due to alignment issues.

Next up is a slew of challenge coins for the police squad. I don’t have an stock aluminium or two tone acrylic yet so I went with what I had on hand, the sample sheet of PG basswood plywood. After a failed attempt last night of leaving things in place and flipping for engraving, I got smart and put a starting registration mark to cut to make sure it would go on the same path. (I have an issue with my alignment). Everything went smoothly thanks to working at Things Remembered long ago and knowing to find a test spot to line things up.


Pretty darn good for a beginner! I really like the detail on those snowflakes.


Really like the wedding gift! Such a fun gift to give!