Wedding Gift

I finally started working with tile. I have several projects, but this is the one that turned out OK. The tile is a ceramic floor tile. I noticed that the glazed surface is really thick and the laser didn’t go through it all the way, so the Sharpie tinting didn’t stay on very well. I will have to keep trying.
The design was made by the bride for the invitations, which where also cut on the GF. I added the lettering and adapted the design a little.

I cut the stand out of Medium Maple Plywood. There are a couple of hinges on the back and the tile sits in a notch which keeps the stand at the right orientation so everything is stable.


Very pretty. I’m really liking these vertically oriented tiles I’ve been seeing.

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Really nice. Next time bump the power, slow the speed or do a second pass and you’ll make it through the glazing. Tiles are cheap enough that the major investment is the machine time to see what works :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely! I’m sure they’ll love it! :grinning:

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Nice that it matches the invitations … A wonderful keepsake.

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