Wedding gifts


Part of a wedding gift, bamboo cutting board with art work from their invitation. And some of our favorite recipes engraved on spatulas.


Very nice! I guarantee those gifts won’t be put in the garage sale pile.


-What settings did you use to make those?
I heard if you use blue painters tap on the surface it can keep the burn marks isolated to the lasered areas.
Looks great


Yes blue tape would have been a good idea but they washed up fine. I was lazy and just used proof grade maple settings.


Love the recipe idea :slight_smile:


Using their own artwork from the invitation is a great example of the versatility of a laser - and the ingenuity of the artist!
Very nice!


I have found that if I don’t care about the depth of the engrave, most woods have come out ok with the default PG maple settings. YMMV on photos, but for SCV, it tends to be fine. CUTTING, on the other hand, is horrific in some woods/plywoods no matter what the settings.


Especially love the spatulas! Awesome idea!


Thanks for sharing your recipe :slight_smile: Great gifts!


These are just great–they’ll be such welcome gifts.