Wedding Guest book and other stuff

Was asked to make a guest book for a friends/coworkers wedding. I think the hardest part was finding the sheets for the inside.
I did all the designing in Inkscape. Used proofgrade cherry ply and even cut the ties from proofgrade leather. :slight_smile:
I’m quite happy with the results. Not terribly elaborate but it turned out nice. Still can’t decide if I like having just the 2 holes or if I should have done 3. Maybe it doesn’t really matter.


It’s just lovely! (Two looks fine.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure they were thrilled with it! Personalized items are very special!

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It’s great and the thought is the most important of all…

Rather than create a new post I thought I’d throw a few more things in here…

I recently had the honor and privilege of officiating my first wedding. It was for my niece and her beautiful bride. Besides that I did some projects on Mephistopheles (my GF).
The first was a simple leather cover for the script. I’m not by any means a great public speaker so I needed a word for word script to keep me on track. I took the script and created a small booklet then cut a cover from PG leather and bound it with simple leather ties also laser cut from PG. Thought it would make a nice memento for them.

I made a “Mrs & Mrs” sign for a display at the venue that my niece and her bride liked well enough they plan to keep and display in their home.
I was working on a tight schedule and had no idea how to make or where to get files for laser cuttable letters so I just downloaded a font I liked, printed each individual character large enough to fill a single sheet of paper. I then scanned the printed letter. With the Glowforges trace feature I selected my cut area, which did take a couple tries to get exactly what I wanted, then ignored the etch. It’s not an elegant process but it did the job. I used some 1/8" baltic birch ply from Lowe’s then painted white. Rather than get fancy with designing a stand for each letter I simply used a long piece of 1x3 and cut a saw kerf along the length. Then I glued another small piece of ply on the back of each letter the simply got inserted into the kerf. I didn’t get a pic of it but you can see it in the background here. This is the happy couple.

For the ceremony the wanted to do a rope braiding thing. Fitting as my niece is a hair dresser.
I created this on PG walnut.
Here’s a pic that it’s based on

Here’s a shot of the file I created

Unfortunately I again don’t have a pic of the finished product. I’ll have to ask around, I’m sure someone does…

I also brewed 35 gallons of beer and hard cider for the wedding. My intention was to etch some artwork my daughter had done on some 7oz bottles and fill each with cider and add edible gliter. I was going to do one for each member of the wedding party. Unfortunately through all of this my wife stumbled into some major health issues and something had to give so I didn’t get these done. Here’s a rough sketch of the image I’d planned to use.


Here’s a shot of the finished board with the rope unbraided before the ceremony.


You are one awesome uncle! You put a lot of work and thought into all of this. I bet they were thrilled!