Wedding help?!


When I put the down payment on the Glowforge back in September of 2015, the first project I was sure I was going to do was my wedding invites. We got engaged in October of that year (I know, a long time for an engagement), but because of the very legitimate production issues that Glowforge is working through, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get mine in time to send out the invites.

But before I give up on this dream, I was curious if anyone in the Seattle-area would be game for a beta-project. Any takers? I was so sold on this laser-cut invite idea that I haven’t yet come up with a plan-B and I need to send these out soon.

Below is the first side of the idea using layered paper glued against a thin piece of engraved maple. The image is based on the photo of us beside it.

<img src="/uploads/glowforge/original/3X/1/9/19f876fafd748a859b218d2af391e459827ddbb9.png" width=“690” height="342”>

I can’t afford to to this at a maker-shop in town, I’d be willing to barter or trade with anyone willing to help out. Is anyone in the Seattle area interested?



If I had a laser I would totally! Post photos if you find someone to do it!!

What about a local maker space?


First, Congratulations! Second, great idea!
Not sure I would limit input to Seattle… There are a lot of capable people here, @smcgathyfay springs to mind as a practiced professional.


If you don’t a local to assist- I am willing to help.

Roping @rebecca in this convo.


That might be an option, but after some sloppy math I thought it would be cost-prohibitive.


Thanks so much!


I’m in! This is be a fun group project to participate in!! Thanks for “roping” me in Yves.



Epic. So since geographically @rebecca is closer to you- She would do the cutting/engraving.
And I can do the design work. If you interested in this- Fire a PM to both of us.


Wow. Talk about community!


Wonderful idea and love to see how the community is coming together. The forum, great diversity of backgrounds and camaraderie here is a big part that has kept me sticking with my order :smile:


It’s totally awesome! Congratulations on the impending nuptials! :relaxed:


CONGRATULATIONS!! Hopefully things work out!


Wow, that is so cool! Scenarios like this really underscore why I’ve become so fond of this forum and the community that it has created :squee:


PS - Congrats!!


Please be sure to share the result with us! :+1:
The strength of the forum is it’s members, and with the character and caliber of people gathered here, you would be hard pressed to find a friendlier, more capable collection of creative prowess.
As mentioned many times across the forum, there is serious value in that!

Apparently a $2,000 minimum buy-in is an effective riff-raff filter. :wink:


If you need any Ai help, I can at least do that part. If you already have enough cooks in the kitchen I get that.


couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m awed by the generosity of this group almost as much as I’m awed by the artistry and sheer cleverness of what folks in this group make.


Thanks everyone for the kind words and very generous offers for help (especially @karaelena and @rebecca)!!

Because of the prototyping to get this right, shipping costs, etc. I was looking for in Seattle. Luckily I was pointed to a Seattle Maker house (coincidentally just a few blocks from the Glowforge office) that I can get access to a laser cutter for a month at just $35. So I think that’ll be a perfect solution.

Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate the offers and warm regards. I’ll post what comes out of it.


What’s the shop? I’m not too far…


That’s great and congratulations! Love that this community jumped at the opportunity to help out. And glad you found a spot to make it happen after all! :slight_smile:
What’s it called btw? I’m curious