Wedding keychain

First time posting a pic of something I made with the GF. Got it back in April. Have been making lots of things and even selling some stuff on Etsy. P.C. (pre covid) I owned an event decor company. Well as you can guess that is very quiet right now so I am playing and learning as much as possible. I thought I would make my first item post about one of my wedding couples that had to postpone of course. I decided I would make a keychain for the two of them in hopes of getting a smile out of them. My first time using wood and acrylic (the heart) in one project. The heart is a nice snug fit, after a few tries. I think it turned out nice.

Also recently made the photo boards which are “marble” and “subway tile” backsplash. Handy to set up and makes the photos so much nicer looking.


Those are very nice! Is the heart glued in? I think those will be a nice little gift for the couple…


I hadn’t decided yet. What is a good glue for this type of application? I have gorilla crazy glue. Would that work?

It should, but with acrylic the crazy glue/super glue tends to make the acrylic look strange if it gets on the front/back. So you may want to glue it first, then take off the paper.

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Cute design!


Those came out so cute!


Very cute keychains!

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