Wedding sign and card box

So some friends of mine are FINALLY getting married and they asked if I could make them a couple things for the big day. Of course I said yes. Used 1x6 tongue and groove boards cut to length and glued up into a large panel to make the sign. Letters were cut out with PG draftboard and painted. The big name at the top was 1/4" and the rest was 1/8".

The little card box was made from 1x6 board cut up and just a simple logo engraved on the top. They were pumped and I think they came out pretty nice for just a quick weekend project.


These are great! Like the wood you selected for the sign, and overall, very well done! The heart engrave is perfect for the day.


Thank you! They wanted something simple and somewhat rustic :blush:


I love it!! Tell them you would like it back if they get divorced. Remove the top and do it again for another couple.


That’s not a bad idea! Don’t think there’s a chance of that happening with these two though :slight_smile:
HOWEVER, I have already received another request to make another similar sign for Another soon to be wed couple! Pretty awesome. Now I just hope I have the draftboard to cut the letters out… If not, I guess I’ll go to my orange big box store and see what MDF they have.

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Ugh FINALLY, it’s about TIME they got married. I mean c’mon, what took so long.

But seriously, it’s always cool to be part of something like that. Looks great!

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Right?!?! lol, and thank you very much :slight_smile: