Wedding table confetti

So i designed some hearts for my Fiancee and I. With our initials and I’ve cut two draftboards. I then broke the board to be able to get into the smaller areas to make different size hearts and I might cut a third.!


Now that’s a fantastic use of the scrap space! (And congratulations!) :grinning:

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Did you flip them all and engrave both sides?

It seems like these are symmetrical, so it should be pretty easy to do, if a bit fiddly. Engrave+cut, then be sure you don’t move the surrounding material, flip the hearts and run the engrave again with the cut disabled. Voila, double sided.

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Love the execution and the concept. Those will be kept!

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Awwwwww, sweet!

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That’s really sweet!

Maybe stash one of the hearts, and turn it into a special gift on your wedding day (or honeymoon)? Like a pendant, or as an inlay in a nice engraved wallhanging or something.


Thats a great idea however i only did one side

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One side, two side, who cares. Still awesome!