Wee tiny gear

Alright, I’m impressed with lasers again – just managed to cut a 10-tooth, 38DP gear with a 9/64 central bore out of 1/4" Chemcast (using PG settings), and the tooth form is pretty decent despite kerf & acrylic meltiness!

I think it’s actually going to be strong enough to use, which just surprises the heck out of me (black bits are carbonized masking, I still have to wash the part before installing it).


Yep! That’s tiny! :sunglasses::+1:

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…into…? :thinking:

I’m trying to design an orrery, so this 10-tooth gear is part of the Saturn drive. It’ll mesh with a 294-tooth main ring – Saturn is the last planet I can do via direct drive (the main ring for Uranus would be larger than the GF bed, as I can’t get the diametral pitch higher than this and still manufacture the gear).

Thinking I’ll probably leave the outer planets out of it; I could do a reduction train or something but then the planets would move less than a millimeter an hour, which isn’t very compelling.

…however, I’m still super-pleased that I can make a 38DP gear and have it work!