Weeding Cart for my office

Got my GF only a few days ago. I have it in my inside, upstairs corner office but I can already see that location may not work. Just after a few test prints, I’ve got weeding crap everywhere. Plus I see now that I need some kind of work surface to do all of that work on. I hadn’t really considered the space outside the actual machine.

I think I’m going to build some kind of weeding cart that’s built around a trash can. Something with all of your tools and tape in place that you can wheel around. Maybe something triangle-shaped so you can put your legs around it.

Anybody else using anything like this? If I had my forge out in the garage, it wouldn’t be an issue. But the scraps from weeding are all over the place already… on top of the burning-wood smell.

Would love to see what the rest of you are doing…


I’ve been putting my masking discards in a gallon size zip loc bag - seems to be keeping the smell in pretty well.
I also bought a craft table at JoAnn’s (on sale!) that has folding sides - doesn’t take up much valuable floor space when not in use and can be wheeled around easily. http://www.joann.com/double-wall-carton-home-hobby-table/13132808.html#q=craft%2Btable&start=1

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While we’re on the topic, I’d love to see how people are organizing materials and scraps… my method of “giant heap” isn’t working out… :slight_smile:


This is going to sound odd…

Go to your favorite search engine: crawfish table plans :wink:


I have the IKEA Norden that doesn’t roll but is probably going to do about the same thing if I can convince hubs that we don’t need it in the dining room :slight_smile:

Drawers for relevant small tools, almost no footprint.


Weeding station is good. I use the desk. I design and assemble at and every once and a while I have to clean up all the detritus that accumulates. Also having some receptacles for the cutoffs. Trash bags just don’t work. I have some sturdy boxes, one for wood and one for acrylic. Then place to store the still usable cutoffs.


I bought an inexpensive “step-on” opening trash can. Really like it, as it has the ability to stand open while we work … and then can close to seal in the masking smell.

Ordered two of the ClosetMaid shelf units from Home Depot today. 24" wide by 41" tall. Ordered an additional 9 shelves to halve and share between the units and some 5mm pins. Can’t wait to have these set up. Organization will make it much easier to find what we’re looking for.

Here’s a photo which @drathus had posted.


I like that idea.
For an auxiliary working surface, I have one of those hospital bed tray things that has wheels on it, a top that tilts and telescopes up. An equipment rental joint is where I got it for like $20. I removed the narrow top and mounted a 2’x3’ melamine top. Very handy.

@evansd2, :rofl: mine looked like the pile of debris in the wake of a tsunami. All of it represents my education though, so I seem to cling to boxes of material tests and small engraved pieces.I had to spend an afternoon with a ‘cut line’ loaded and reclaim the ends and areas that are big enough to be useful. the remnants of that is the carcass pile - rumored by some to be good pizza oven fuel.


Great Ideas! I picked up this little table at my little box hardware store. Bonus - it includes two stools! Now I need to find this ClosetMaid shelf…that looks perfect!


Wow. I need to up my game. I just use a wooden TV Tray for extra space. It tucks away to a VERY small workspace and has no extra storage, but they’ve been perfect for quickly adding a clean flat surface.


I feel like @marmak3261 when it comes to weeding or assembly. I move over to my work bench and push other projects out of the way and hope a complete the one I’m working on before it gets pushed to the side :slight_smile:

Adding another work bench is not really going to help me as I already have five of them. I just need to finish one project and clean up before moving on to another one.



Hey that’s a great idea!

I see a weeding party in your future.