Weekend Organizing - Materials Shelving

My “workshop” was a disaster. I had a goal to clean up my mess, or at least start it over Labor Day Weekend. Making things had taken precedent over organizing things, and I started to look like a scrap hoarder. I decided that I needed more organization in my life and bought and assembled some new shelves for additional materials storage. It was nice to get everything organized, and highly recommend cleaning up your work space more often. I liked the shelf, so I thought I would share here. Now, if I could just convince myself to throw away stuff in the scrap pile. :crazy_face:

Wire shelving in closet for 12x20" materials.

12"x24" and some scraps go on the :glowforge: stand.


Well done. I have found that organizing allows me to see what supplies I may be running low on and encourages me to order more. Scraps are just small projects waiting to be born. Why would anyone throw them away?


Looks like the perfect shelving!


What shelving did you use in the closet?


Plus extra shelves and a basket. :slight_smile:

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That looks like a perfect option! I need to see if I can squeeze one in…

Amazon sells one like it., but no individual shelves so you’d have to buy 2. This one has 3/4" poles, so not as beefy,

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I’d definitely want more shelves!

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Excellent inspiration. I am getting ready to move all my projects into my basement office and not have them spread out over the whole basement room. Cleared the pool table off today since I have my CNC table almost done. It has legs, but needs the bottom base shelf and struts for rigidity. Then I will ll be getting a sturdy table that fits both 3D printers and some more shelving for materials.

I do like the iron pipe Glowforge table. Those are so sturdy and have a great look, especially with the black laminate on top.

And I think I could fill a dumpster with all my scraps. Including all my failed or test 3D prints. I have four hammermill paper boxes filled with parts and builds. Plus a giant tub of acrylic scraps. Two boxes of plywood scraps, and loads of materials. It’s getting out of hand and I can’t find anything.

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As does Home Depot & Lowe’s.

BTW, you can get casters for them too so you can roll them.


You say “scrap hoarder” like it’s a bad thing…



It’s getting bit overwhelming, but refuse to throw it out. I “might” need it someday!


Right now I think I have more Amazon boxes cut down for templates/jigs than :proofgrade:


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