Weekly contest of creative use of GF logo?

I don’t know if this is permitted under the logo guidelines, but I thought it might be fun to engage the creative minds of this group with logo inspired images at this post. I envision animal creations with the logo embedded in it or the USS Enterprise with the logo on the front of the nacelles, etc etc. Will the FNL allow this? @dan I assume that the logo would have to remain the proper teal color, but can something be overlayed on it, say a laser flash etc? If this is all a bad idea, I can go take a time out in the corner.


I like it but then again, I’m not the FNL.


I always have to remind myself… “The F is for Friendly. The F is for friendly.”


for what it’s worth, almost every branding document worth the paper it’s printed on (or the electrons it’s stored on) will say “don’t manipulate the logo in any way.” along with “there is an XX safe zone around the logo where no other objects should live.” maybe with a smidge of “it’s ok to use the logo on top of a non-white background, as long as it meets XX criteria.”

good branding is not forgiving of people getting “creative” with the logo. mostly because people’s ideas of “getting creative with the logo” are invariably bad, for the most part. i find myself telling people, “no, you can’t do that” with our logo and our clients’ logos all the time.

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And then there is the icon for his id that says NOPE that’s funny

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i also have it on playing cards. really handy in meetings! gotta love exploding kittens.

We’d love to have something like this in line with our brand guidelines:

Also, Exploding Kittens and Glowforge go way back. :slight_smile:

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