Weight of Proofgrade materials?

Has anyone happened to measure/make a table of what the Proofgrade sheets generally weigh?

I’m a girl with a deep love of detailed specifications and would be very happy to see Glowforge add a typical weight value to the Proofgrade catalogue. Ulterior motive: that sweet store voucher that I have sitting here since I only got my 'forge today after waiting since 2015, but can’t currently use effectively since I’m in Australia. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to me to order Proofgrade via shipping forwarder, except I don’t know what each sheet weighs in order to figure that out.


Acrylic is acrylic and you should be able to look that up online and do the calculations. The leather is leather and if you look around here you can find the approximate weight of it (the thickness of leather in the US is given in ounces, which can be translated into an actual weight.) The plywood and draftboard are basically MDF - so heavy.

As you pre-ordered in 2015 I believe you should get a sample pack of materials. Has your glowforge arrived? Assuming things haven’t changed you should be able to weigh them when they arrive.

Assuming you’re talking about the full size (12x20") sheets, I just weighed a few and they came in between 490g - 560g - that includes acrylic, draftboard, plywood. There is variation across all types - some acrylic was just over 500 but one was 560. Draftboard was closer to 500g. Veneer was around 120g, give or take a few g.

@caribis2 - they aren’t shipping materials internationally yet.


One thing you can do also, is most cad programs will calculate the weight of your design (Well technically the mass) if you set the material

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thankyou! this is really helpful. I got some draftboard, acrylic, maple ply and veneer in my starter pack, but I’m unfamiliar with some of the timbers available in the store and didn’t know if they were exceptionally dense/light compared to the maple.

I’ll add - I measured the thickness of some of the draftboard when investigating why some people had issues with cutting all the way thru. I found quite a bit of variation between sheets from my original order and a recent order, so that would obviously change the weight.