Weird failure on smallish print

This is a duplicate of an email (sorry support) but figured folks should see this. I was engraving a stencil for some silicone work (the project a while back with my intern on the gallbladder surgery training) and it gave me this weird error. The job is obviously quite small and It was set to HD engrave (2 passes as I wanted it very deep)

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How long does it say for 1 pass? I think the error message is a way of saying this is going to exceed the buffer size, but they typically relate that to print size, not multi passes.


Wow, that’s crazy! well that does explain it, although that seems seriously long for such a small piece



Thanks Henry, it’s great to see error messages with an actual message.

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Unfortunately, I’ve seen that message, too. But, yes…it’s nice to finally get some specific information with an error message.

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Try changing it to the Liverator 8000. New tech always takes longer to produce.


What are the dimensions? Guessing like 10x2? At 450LPI that’s 9,000 inches of travel for 1 pass.
41 inches a minute, or .69 inches a second.

The smaller something is, the more you get bitten by the overrun. (Hmm, if I weren’t doing something else, I might try engraving a vertical line, just to see how much time is taken getting up to speed and back down again.)

I think it is about half a second turnaround at each end. See Head pauses after each line of an engrave, causing slowwwness of overall engrave

I haven’t been a big fan of many of the :proofgrade: settings since the last time they did a mass update to them. Many of them appear to be particularly slow.

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Since you’ve emailed us and I’m helping you there, I’m going to move this to Everything Else where the discussion can continue.

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