Weird question

I know there are a lot of business owners on here, and I have a questions that maybe someone can answer.

The primary application for my glowforge (once it arrives) will be to create custom branded objects for our businesses. That said, I paid for it in a different calendar year then the businesses were incorporated. Can I still deduct it? Or, would I basically need to sell it to my business (myself) in order to do that and have it registered as a purchase in this calendar year?

I know this is maybe outside of the scope but I figure someone here has had this same issue.


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I am not an accountant, but I believe the rule is that if an asset, such as a computer or the GF is 100% for a business, you can deduct it in the year it is placed in service. EDIT: If I recall, there is an additional form/rule that has to be used in this case. This would not be something you could do with just a 1040.

If the asset is split-use–i.e. you use it for personal and business purposes–then you will need to depreciate it over the time you expect it to be in service. So, if you spent $5,000 on your GF, and you expect it to last for 5 years, you can deduct $1,000 each year it is in service.

I recommend seeing an accountant.


Thanks. Yeah, I wrote my accountant before posting but I’m impatient and also a bit curious as to what others’ experiences are. I have not made any split-use purchases yet, so, that is good to know.

If I recall correctly, split-use items also have to have the depreciation based on the percentage split between personal and business use.

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Equipment depreciation is changing dramatically in 2018, with many items being fully deductible in the year you buy them. So talk to your accountant. If there’s a sale from you to your business, you may want to do it in '18.