Weirdest thing you have etched/cut on a Glowforge


So I am patiently waiting for my Glowforge (which I should get before the end of August according to the Latest Schedule) which leads me to looking at Pinterest with the key search word as Glowforge. Interesting stuff there, not just GF, but other etching and laser cutting things as well.

One thing I saw was someone etch something onto the back of a Macbook. Others did rolling pins. The really weird one was a pair of boots.

So for those of you that already have yours, I ask you: What is the most weird or awkward or whatever thing that you cut or etched so far?


Easy for me…


A banana.

I have done sneakers before, just not in the GF.


That would make for some really cool dog treats if you made your own. I know they sell pig ears at most pet stores.


That is awesome!


I wrote the words “drop the mic” on a grain of rice. :relaxed:


I wrote my initial on a mustard seed, wrote Help Me on a Peep and of course engraved Guacamole.


Accidentally tried to cut the laser bed once.


Looks like I need to get with the program! Mine was just a cedar grilling stick. I did use the Papyrus font, though.


I was testing a design with a very tight living hinge using cardboard. The area of the hinge burned totally away. Air assist kept the fire at bay. pretty boring stuff.


As a beta user, I’m only allowed to use proofgrade materials supplied by Glowforge. So, nothing crazy yet… :wink:


Wow. Didn’t know that. You probably get to see cool capabilities that the PR users don’t but the materials restriction is tough. Though it just occurred to me that the wink emoji makes me question your truthfulness.


I think it’s appalling that the poor betas are forced to consume un-toasted guacamole!
(That ain’t right, man.)


Or maybe they got Proofgrade Guac, while I had to survive engraving on Costco purchased…


Yeah, Costco Guac … and they get catalog access…they do love the betas more than us.
(We need a pouty emoticon, but this one will do for now.) :persevere: