This Little Piggy went to the Glowforge Bed...(Fair Warning: A bit on the graphic side)

Sooooo, has anyone been wondering what the GF laser would do to your skin, if you were to happen to be unfortunate enough to put your little tootsies where they should not be?

Well, wonder no more…the answer is at hand…

And it is a bit graphic, so I’ve blurred out the images; please don’t click if you don’t want to see.

In the interests of Science and All Weird Things, let us give thanks to the selfless porcine who donated his yummy parts to my GF, so that we may all expand our knowledge, and get a little queasy at the same time.

[spoiler]Three pieces of yummy pig skin. Yes, I said yummy; don’t judge me for it, and I won’t judge you for your tofu turkey :grin:

Left three are from the ear, one on the right is from the hoof. The two middle ones also contain cartilage.

I did a cut on each at 100 / 30, and 1 engrave as well:

It cuts SOOOO smoothly through the skin, and eerily as well, since there is so little smoke that the laser beam is not visible; all you see is the skin separating, as if by a magical, invisible scalpel. Wish I had filmed it.

Cuts completely through the skin that has no cartilage, and it was VERY clean cut; these look ragged because the vector I had was for double line cuts, so that second pass, slightly to the side of the originals, made things look ragged.

Interestingly, it does not really cut through cartilage much at all:

This is the back of the pieces that had cartilage:

Some penetration on this one:

Much less penetration on this one:

What it left on the board; see how it cut almost through the board, too, on the pieces without cartilage:

This was the creepiest pic of all:

And this is the back of the 1/4 inch birch plywood board, so you can see what penetrated:



Hmm I’m thinking he wishes he was the little Piggy that stayed home… :neutral_face: :pig2:


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