Welcome Atlas(t)!

Atlas(t) finally arrived yesterday! We were super nervous when we went to pick it up, since it took a couple of extra trips around the United States on-route due to UPS error, and of course it was sitting vertically upright on its side with two handles missing at UPS. The machine is perfect though! Absolutely beautiful. We set it up on a temporary table, the real table gets delivered today. The most hilarious thing about this whole process is that we have had two years to save ideas, create svg files, plan all of the many things that we were going to make as soon as it arrived… and after the founders rule we just looked at each other and said “what do you want to make now?” and we were both just clueless as to where to even begin!!! We just stood there looking at each other for a solid minute…What do we want to make??..uhhh, EVERYTHING!! :rofl::rofl: We settled on a tiny world map…we cut 4’x6’ world maps with our CNC, and now we love it mini, too! It’s on!!! So many things to make! :wink::open_hands:


This is so cool, I love seeing people get their shipment! Now you remember what it felt like as a child on Christmas morning.

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Nice map! Congratulations! :grinning:

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Ya know, I’ve had mine for the better part of a year now. And I still get that feeling sometimes when I use it.


Mine seems to be doing a similar thing, going around the United States… I am hoping it is in one piece when it does get to me! I really like the map, I can’t wait to see what else you make.

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Thanks! (for some reason i posted the blurry pic, probably due to blurry glowforge eyes! :rofl:) 20180206_070457


Ours was supposed to arrive on Friday and we got the message at 5 a.m. on Friday that it been rerouted back to the central hub in Chicago. We had to wait all weekend to pick it up. I thought we were going to die! It went from California, to Chicago, to Memphis, to Chicago, to Nashville and then to us. Go figure.