Welcome Back sign - Papel Picado style

I’m a teacher, and hoping to be back in the classroom with my students in the fall (we’re planning on half the students on 1 day, half on the next, rinse & repeat). I wanted to let them know that we missed seeing them, and I’m kind of a go big / go loud or go home kind-of-a guy, so I thought how about some ‘Welcome Back’ banners, and with Glowforge, why not cut each letter our of a different color 65lb cardstock.

So here’s my version - the prototype. I asked other teachers (we’re a small school, about 300 students, so there’s only about 15 teachers total) if they wanted one too… and know I’ve cut over 300 letters total - about 80% from individual 8.5x11 sheets of paper, about 20% I could do 2 letters / numbers per sheet. I made a jig to hold 2 sheets at a time, and tuned it so I could cut 3 or 4 sheets in a stack.

Top picture is letters strung-up and hung on my garage door, so 10-12’ per section. 2nd picture is on the coach next to the GF - details come out a bit better there.


Not my art! Letters from JayeO @ Etsy - This item is unavailable - Etsy. I just tweaked it to have the tabs I could fold / glue down to be able to run a string through the backs.


Awwww, what a great project! You may find yourself in the event sign business as a result of this.


Those turned out so well!


Really great project! What a wonderful way to welcome them back! Love all the color.