Welcome sign


Almost perfect… I meant to copy the first “e” to the last spot, but liked the swoop so I left it. Forgot to cut back the top so I lost the middle. All in all, it should get the point across to the store, Perennial Home, that I can make signs to order.


That really turned out great with the decorative corner elements and arrows! :grinning:


Thanks to daily freebies from CreativeFabrica.com


What you could do is fill in the missing “e” counter with something creative, like a piece of fabric cut to that shape, or glitter, or something. Make it look like you intended it that way. That’s what we cardmakers do with booboos, anyway!


Great idea! Thanks. Like this @cynd11 ?


Perfect, I love it!


Very Nice!, I love when you can take an mishap and make it a feature!