Welcome to Margaritaville

Every year we host a massive adult halloween party (not adult, as I always remind my guests, keep it PG-13 people!), and each year I make a large vat of pumpkin margarita from scratch. And each year someone (despite a sign on top) drinks it and is either shocked that it has pumpkin in it or that it is alcoholic. So I decided edge lit acrylic would be the choice. The iPhone struggled with the contrast in the pic, so you can’t see some of the internal details on the letters (the zippers, knives, etc)

Proofgrade 1/8" clear acrylic. I really liked this font for the engraving:

For scale (no banana just a giant horse skeleton)

(OK it’s not curing cancer, but the sign is kind of cool to look at, and I love how easy it is to whip up a sign when you have a Glowforge)


Love the sign, but I’m especially jealous of that skeleton horse. I really wanted one, but I got “the look” from the hubby, so I didn’t do it. I DID buy a very large (several feet tall) scrollwork skull, though, because he wasn’t with me when I saw it.

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Oh, I get the eye-rolls… But that’s not even the biggest skeleton we have! This is the max indoor size since it’s already firmly against the ceiling


That would be amazing! I have to place each purchase on the scale of mild annoyance/eyeroll----->one step closer to divorce court. I think the giant skeletons would be on the far right of that spectrum. This skull (with an additional friend along for the ride) was probably somewhere in the middle:

It’s hard to get a picture of it. I should try lighting it up at night with some LEDs or something.


That skull is so cool. I’d have my fog machine coming out through it!


I may or may not have done that. :wink:


Yes, your LED project is the perfect signage!