Welding on the design software

Is there an update in the works for welding shapes in design?

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I have not heard of one but for much of them if you can export out to Inkscape you can do it there though not everything can be exported. you can engrave text and make your outline make the the final cut around everything. In some cases you can use outline to “weld” two simple things together by outlining the two things and then putting the pre outlined bit on ignore.

This presuming you have the premium package. One can do a lot of simple things there but it is not Inkscape.


With rbtd here, if you are thinking about welding, you will enjoy the options that Inkscape will give you. (or a.n.other design software)


I have Inkscape but I’m not really good at it

I had not ever looked at Inkscape when I bought the Glowforge. However I spent a few months just doodling with it as I waited for the Glowforge to arrive so when it did I was pretty competent with it. Spend some free time just trying commands, not focused on a specific outcome and you will improve quickly,


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