Well, the time has finally come. You know where to find me


Dear Dan-ta,
I’ve been an awfully good boy this-- alright well, I’ve been a pretty good… er, well I tried to be…
Ok look, just ship it already. Clearly it’s dangerous for me to have too much free time.




Sorry LJ, Sant-…er…Dan-ta can’t come to your house this Christmas. Maybe next Christmas. :wink: - Rich


I… I will burn your reindeer down, sir!


Dan will soon make an announcement to let us know what’s going on. I think he said today (Dec 1st?). Go :glowforge: - Rich


Oh, I know. I’m still going to sit by the mailbox until it shows up. It beats working.


Dan-ta’s trying to dig out from under a big pile of coal right now and will be back with you shortly…


Oh… well dang.

I… I guess I’ll go back inside for a few more months, then.


Hopefully the glowforge will see its shadow soon


Meaning that’s what we are all getting from Dan-ta for Christmas? (or what he’s getting?) Go :glowforge: - Rich