Werewolf Box!

I made this box using Inkscape (tabbed box extension) and made a few alterations. Holds One Night Ultimate Werewolf and all of its expansions - look out Broken Token!


I will definitely have to do this as well, my one night werewolf boxes look like a badly managed goodwill.


Turned out great! Everything so neatly organized! :grinning:

That’s really awesome! I’m so fascinated by all these card games I never knew existed. Every time someone posts I have to go look them up. Here’s another one I need to research now.

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Excellent job–you nailed it!

Werewolf is a big one, some real hardcore fans take it pretty seriously to the point they will act it out in real life, and avoid going certain places… like “Nope, not going to that book store, it’s a Vampire hangout”… Or maybe that’s just the company I keep. :smiley:


BIG fan of Are you a Werewolf. To the point that for the last number of years I’ve helped run it at Origins and GenCon. Thanks for sharing your amazing creation! :smiley: I might have to make something like this for storing our 150 decks for the conventions. :smiley:

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I have used the card game Fluxx for game-based education conferences - I can tell you from experience that the TSA always stops carry-on luggage with 20 identical small rectangles packed together!

I have a friend whose students mod werewolf to study the Salem witch trials while reading the Crucible.