What a bummer! ARRGH!

I have been printing a sign for a local restaurant. I am supposed to deliver it in a few minutes. The other side is done… and it took over an hour. This side was just about done… but then I took a look at it and one of my magnets slid.

MVIMG_20180208_093536 If the alignmentworked, I suppose I could salvage it. ARRRGH!

Any advice>?


My magnets have a bunch of battle scars too. Ugh.

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I feel your pain brother and can relate, that is why when possible I have switched to honeycomb pins

Ha, I just had the same problem last night. Luckily it was just a quick prototype in cardboard but, it shifted the material as well. It’s always the magnets toward the back of the machine. I feel your pain.

There must be some ferrous material in the gantry that attracts the magnet as it passes over the top of them. I’ve never seen magnets placed in the front shift.

Probably the tape “handle” got hit by the air assist shield


That’s what I think. I took a stab at fixing it… But it’s firewood now.


Dang, that’s terrible. Sorry all that work is now firewood.

Could you possibly just cut out that mistake and redo both sides of the afflicted area? Sort of set up a square cut over the “You” and take that whole part out, replace it with another cut to the dimension of the hole and redo just that part using the alignment guide provided earlier?

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Oof! What a shame. Hind sight may have been to run quick paper sheet to create guides to know where to align the proofgrade cut lines before pressing go.

Realigning an engrave is pretty much never going to work. You’ll spot the defect a mile away.

As for magnet tabs, I almost always put them “face down” now, so the tabs lay flat on the material. I have had a few too many cases where the air assist grabs them. Bummer, indeed.

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I submit that that looks totally fine! It’s not an error, it’s an artistic decision! Do the same thing to the Y and you’ve chosen to emphasize the word “you” saying that the customer is the most important part of this.

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Or engrave the word YOU on another small piece of contrasting veneer and glue it on top. Or THANK YOU.


Or cut out the letters “You” from another piece and glue it over the mistake. Make it stand out.

I know it’s probably to late, but I would have cut and engraved a whole new face and just glued it over the top of the mistake. Using a contrasting wood would make it look intentional :slight_smile:

Woodburning pen. Freehand “fix”