What a difference 1/4" makes

Hi everyone! As we get closer, I can hardly contain my excitement to see that giant box arrive. Like many of you, I prepare and daydream. I’ve began learning Fusion 360 and am taking an advanced class in illustrator. I’ve loaded Pinterest with things that inspire me. I’ve watched every single thing that is tagged 'Glowforge '. Simply put, I’m obsessed.

I am also extremely satisfied with the feature set that they are releasing, the form factor, and the workflow, Dan and team. I’m not even dissatisfied with the delay.

The only thing, if I could make one observation that makes me sad, is the quarter-inch pass-through. I ordered the pro, and many of the projects that I want to do involve engraving half inch stock longer than 20 inches. Every day I think about it, I just say oh well. It’s something I will not be able to do. I also think forward to the glowforge 2.0 which will probably be able to do this. Yet I will have spent all my money on the Glowforge 1. Because, hey, that’s how I roll.

I know we’ve discussed this before. I know there’s nothing that we can do about this. I’m certainly not going to hack up my Glowforge. Still, all I want for Christmas is another quarter of an inch.

Anyway, one can always dream.

Happy lasering!


Far be it from us to advise you to void your warranty :smiling_imp:


Just in case you haven’t thought of this, you could engrave 1/4" stock then laminate it to another piece of 1/4" stock.


:glowforge: :hugging: You are not alone. Simply ask many of the ‘significant others’ of forum members. It is a profound act of love for me to consciously quell the ever-growing impulse to say, “if the glowforge were here, we could use that for this!” and yet, it does still get said way-too often.


Exactly this! Welcome to the club of obsessed laser enthusiasts, artists, designers, makers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers.