What a joke

So, after paying 4k, I have to pay $50 a month to insert text and shapes, and also the to make the design area larger…come on now

So, I assume you are posting this because you have a question or a point to make. I get it, we all get it, but here’s the bummer for you:

Glowforge doesn’t read this part of the forum, so essentially you’re just grumbling to other paying customers. I’m sure we all can relate but if that wasn’t your intent, if you were trying to let Glowforge know you’re not happy, then you came to the wrong place.

If you want to let Glowforge know you’re not happy you can post a new thread in “problems and support“ or better yet email support@glowforge.com


What are you talking about…make the design area larger? The design area is the design area whether or not you subscribe to the premium subscription. Also, the premium subscription is not $50 per month.


Inkscape is free and all you need. Many people on here use it.


Only if you don’t use a regular design program, and if you don’t, you are limiting yourself. Any time you spend learning one, like Inkscape (free and powerful), or any other, will pay you back in spades.
As mentioned, the design space doesn’t change but is limited by the operation. A higher speeds the head needs room to decelerate so the margins may change depending on the design.


Nope. Premium does NOT make the available engrave/score/cut area larger. Don’t believe what you read on FB.


I created a folder in my GLOWFORGE Folder called “shapes” in there I have circles, and star bursts and lines, and boxes, all the things I need to do what I need to do without paying a penny.
I didn’t gripe (well, yes I did) I came up with a solution.


I am guessing this poster just wanted to let off some steam. According to Discourse, he/she has read 18 minutes recently - so not very interested in the community’s response. So it goes.


truly, what a joke…

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