What am I doing wrong here?

So I want to cut out some simple squares (multiple) at the same time. So I created one, copy and pasted it 4 more times. As you can see from the photo, they all show up on the left side of the frame. So I copied and pasted all five at once and although GF creates a place holder on the left, the image is not shown as in the first five. Even if I copy and paste one at a time, it still doesn’t show up. I can do these 5 and then move them and do five more but it would be a little easier and faster to line them all up and then cut them all at once. Help please?

I’m not sure how it decides whether to show another thumbnail. Usually when I copy and paste the same thumbnail applies to both the original and the copy.

EDIT: The blank thumbnail is a known issue. It should still work fine.

I figure i had nothing to lose so i am trying it anyways. thanks for the quick response

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