What are some things to buy while waiting on your Glowforge?

Packaging, the big box and packing bits are hefty.

Thank you so much! This is perfect!

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This is a great list.

Thought of two more things I use a lot

Cricut Vinyl Weeder tool - I use this to get out dirt and tape pieces from inside engrave lines - https://cricut.com/en_us/essentials/craft-tools/cutting-tools/weeder.html

Bamboo skewers you find at the grocery store. They are great to add or remove glue…poke out dirt and paint, break off a piece to fill a void… Always using these for SOMETHING. https://smile.amazon.com/Value-Pack-Thin-Bamboo-Skewers/dp/B01N5JYRSW


Surprisingly I have both of those things already!! I can’t wait to get my Glowforge.

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Why does everyone reduce back down to a 4” hose rather than use a 6” hose from the machine to inline fan and then fan to window?

I was planning on buying this adapter and use the ac infinity 6” hose. Any reason this won’t work or work as well?

My machine is scheduled to arrive in February.


Because generally we already have 4” exhausts. If I were serious about this I’d re-cut a 6” hole in my wall, but I’ve got a 4” exhaust so I convert it to use that.


Thanks for quick reply. I’m buying the upgraded AC infinity hose so thinking I’ll just go with the 6” versus 4”.


If you are using a pro you will want to not have the 6" get in the way of the rear pass through.

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I’m getting the plus, but that is good to know re the Pro when I buy another one… :rofl:

I prefer them for hinges, as the strength is focused where it is needed.

That sounds like an interesting idea! I should try that sometime.

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