What are the setting for "engrave" Thick Maple Plywood?

1 week in so please forgive me. It frustrates me that GF hides the setting for the PF. If I want to mimic Thick Maple Ply, on a board that is 3/8 I have to start from scratch?

I ask, because I went ahead and cut selecting Thick Maple Plywood and it engraved just fine. Other than the design is just a tad longer then as I read that it is critical to define the thickness of the wood.

Click the little arrow to the right of the Proofgrade setting and it should show you the settings.


The Learn by Doing link that is offered at the end of the setup process (and in your delivery email) will help you skip these sorts of frustrations.

The section that explores the settings menu and creating custom settings from the PG settings is part of that, in the “Working With Manual Mode” section.


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