What are you using for invoicing and why?

So FreshBooks was my number one go to for billing clients for years. It was easy, and their free tier allowed up to 5 customers. Being that my jobs are mainly commissions, my customers change a lot. Easy to delete one out and replace if needed.
This month I went to login and shoot an invoice and found out that the free tier was gone and I’m stuck on the wrong side of the paywall.
In their defense, they left me a voicemail a month in advance about the change, but I thought it was a telemarketer so I didn’t answer and forgot to listen to the message. Very polite folks.
My jobs are sporadic side hustles. Sometimes I’ll clear a ton of revenue in a month, sometimes I won’t do any paid work for a whole quarter. These monthly paid plans FreshBooks and Bonsai aren’t really a profitable option for me so I was wondering what y’all are using.
I’m hoping to find a free replacement with multiple pay options for my clients, but I may be out of luck.

my dad uses QuickBooks. for his wood turning Biz.

You might be able to use Square or PayPal invoices. Depends on whether you need to download the data into another app.

Wave Accounting :slightly_smiling_face: perfect for the sporadic invoicer who needs a little more functionality than Square or PayPal.

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We use square for wholesale invoices. Super simple and professional. They can pay with a credit card which is usually more convenient for people.

Thanks! I just sent out my first invoice with Wave. As I do more in person transactions, I will probably use Square as well.

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