What can you buy at Menards or Online

I want 1/8 inch wood close to like proof grade, I can mask it, but what do people buy at Menards, that’s my almost local store anything else like HD is 78 miles away, how about Amazon? I seen wood peckers and I could order online they ouch hardwoods as they are in the same state

Amazon, eBay, Inventables, Rockler, and may others I am sure. What do you want to create with it?

1/8 Ply is pretty common but the stuff from big name stores is often inconsistent. You might research local builder supply places, they’re not usually on the main street.


Search the forum for “plywood source” and “hardwood source”.

Also if you say where you are someone who is bored might hunt around your area. And by someone I mean me, or a me-alike. I like a good google map hardwood hunt.


I’m just worried it’s not compatible wood, like death fumes or something… we don’t have any local suppliers at all where I live, it’s all Amish building wood they don’t make plywood

Most ply is OK to work with, just may not be consistent.

Someone who has used Menards material may chime in with their specific experience, but I wouldn’t have any concerns about using plywood.

I have some 1/4 plywood beautiful finished cherry also from my CNC, just gorgeous… so I could mask that then I guess.

Will it cut 1/4 ok?

It can, some of the PG material is 1/4", but you’ll need to find settings that work for you and the material you have. Multiple passes (for cuts) may be required to prevent too much scorching.

It’s handy to select PG material similar to what you are using, then look at those settings as a starting point.

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If you can find good hardwoods under a half inch you are golden. I have read that many suppliers bid such wood in bulk. Though some may be buying thicker wood and cutting it thin with a band saw and a planer.

For general wood from the Internet Ocooch is hard to beat though it is worth trying.