What could we make with Glowforged versions of these?

I saw these on Facebook without a link and it occurred to me that we could make some unique joined pieces with this. Besides all of the wood and plastic creations that could be strengthened with wooden dowels placed in the holes, we could make chocolate structures (dark and light interweaved) and and a true gingerbread house. What other ideas can you come up with? P.S. can you tell I’m hungry?


With a little calculation, we might be able to make curved structures as well.


Generalized tambour slats…

The kerf will give you some flexibility right off the bat. You could easily do whatever angle connectors you wanted. And if you cut a slot along the top/bottom, you could use these to frame some kind of bendable sheet material.


Please illustrate, if possible. Like this?


Yep. So you can change the clearance and opening to give the amount of curvature, the angle between the positive and negative ends to make a precurve/corner, and stomp multiple ones together for a running bond as in the original pic…

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