What did you make for your FIRST Glowforge project?

Newbie here…I want…desire direction. What should I make for my very first project? I only have my starter kit FYI…


Gift of good measure. Are you proficient in designing in IIlustrator or Inkscape. Look in the Fee Laser Designs category and pick one.


Laser-engraved crepes… Wanted to get some food out of the way, first.


Your first project should be to read as much as you can possibly stand on the forum. It will pay you back over and over.

I know you’re probably excited to get to cutting but honestly you’ll save so much time and materials if you grind through the forums.


There will be three first prints. First, print something that is already in the GFUI just to get that instant gratification and make sure everything is working right. Second, print something from the free designs section. Perhaps an accessory for your :glowforge:?
Finally, design something yourself and cut/engrave it. From there, you are on your way.


An early thing to create is these:

You will find them endlessly useful. They will break or wear out over time so a small jar of them is a good thing.


I added an engraving to some leather shoes I already had - my first three or four projects were all adding decoration to things I already had :slight_smile:

Newbie question, but how does the glowforge recognize materials that are not proofgrade?

I’m working my way through your list thank you so much. I am such a newbie I honestly do not even have software experience. I am stumped as to what to use. I downloaded inkspace but to be honest it is far too technical for me. Suggestions?

There are a bunch of inkscape tutorials out there. Go through them in order, they’re designed to help you learn step by step:

There’s a bit of a minimum complexity problem here. If you want to start designing your own things, then you’re going to have to figure out an editor.

If you want to just cut and engrave things without the design side, that’s where the GF store comes in. The designs they have for sale and free work well right away, especially when using proofgrade materials.


If you’re using Inkscape, start with this tutorial:

Then after you are done, there are a series of “Getting Familiar with the Inkscape Tools” tutorials in the Matrix here:

Just read through all the ones in the second column, in that order. There are a few good Glowforge ones too, up at the top. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Glowforge doesn’t really care about what kind of material is in it, just how thick it is so that the overhead camera can get a good shot and the focus routine works.

Just add in the thickness of your material and then do manual settings.

Vector paths/lines are cut or scored. Filled objects are engraved.


It doesn’t
You can enter thickness in the “use uncertified materials” box and get settings from either choosing a material that’s similar to :proofgrade: or by mining the Beyond the Manual section… keeping in mind that using non :proofgrade: means the staff can’t help you with issues, so be careful

There’s a fabulous spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sWOebDU94HwezYPbHa3YdtXjpLbEl_vEPvCb1dSByL4/edit?usp=drivesdk that people (including you!) are constantly adding to

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