What do cuts look like?

Prompted by a previous discussion, I thought I’d take my own close look at what cuts look like.

Thick PG Acrylic, all at default speed and power, but different focus heights - from left to right, in inches, 0.5, 0.375, 0.25, 0.236 (default), 0.125, 0.01 (won’t accept 0).

The scale is 1/10th inch. Notice the default setting (cut 4) produces the most uniform cut. Go figure.

The light colored accumulation you see in the first two cuts is material that accumulated in the cut because it never made it thru. It looks like it did from this angle, but the lower surface is unmarked.

Cuts 2-6 are clean thru the lower surface.


Q: So if I’m cutting something super thick, like .75" acrylic, should I do the first pass, floss the cut to get out the dust/crud, and then do the second pass with a lower focus level?

I didn’t find it necessary to clear the crud, but the 2nd line being at a lower focus is how I succeeded - it still got wider at the top though, so be prepared for that!

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Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: I’m bettin’ they had a pile of cuts just like these at GF Headquarters a few years back :stuck_out_tongue:

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