What do you all put on back of customs items to hang?

Hi everyone. Hope your day has been great. I have a question. I am making a door decoration and I am clueless on what to put on the back of it to hang it on the door. My husband says the wood is too thin to put on a hanging clip. How do hang all the awesome stuff you all make? I was thinking of stapling a string to the back but I don’t know if that will hold

I like to build @jbmanning5’s keyhole hangers into the back of my designs.


3M velcro command strips can work pretty well for some things:

And I have found these tiny screws:

with these tiny D-rings:

work fine going into 1/4" thick plywood without poking through.


I like the French cleat method.
The Command strips remove without any wall damage.


Found these on Amazon, and have used them a lot.


thank you! I just ordered some

Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer my question. I appreciate it!!


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