What gets cut, engraved, scored?

how do you determine what outlines get scored, cut or engraved once its in the glow forge app. it seems like its already pre-determined once I upload the file. please help. thanks

Bitmaps and filled vectors will default to engraves, while strokes will default to cuts.

You can set filled vectors to engrave, score, or cut in the GUI, and of course simple strokes can be either cut or scored.

Bitmap images may only be engraved.

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@dwardio is 100% correct. For more info on this and a lot more, you might like this post:

Check out #1, the first link is to the official getting started guide by glowforge, and it goes on from there. You’ll be very interested in the “optimizing your prints” section of the getting started guide.


You can set any vector to engrave, cut, or score, but if the vector is not closed it can yield strange results. However, unfilled or not any vector can be set to any of those three.


True, but @ty397’s request for was for “help.” In my book a helpful reply would include useful, predictable results, so I left out this useless edge case from my post.

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It is all my cases. Every vector that gets cut out gets filled and every vector that gets engraved gets an edge. Only rarely when a fill would confuse is the fill nothing.

When you first unboxed and set up your Glowforge, you end up at a set of tutorials called “Learn by Doing: Your First Prints And More”. You may remember the first of those tutorials, which has you print the Gift of Good Measure design from your design library.

These tutorials teach you how to use your Glowforge, covering everything from customizing catalog designs, to designing files from scratch, to using all of the functions of your machine. In the process, they teach you how to determine what gets scored, cut or engraved when making a file.

This tutorial in particular covers what you asked: Make a Gift Tag from Scratch using Inkscape – Glowforge

You might want to browse the list of tutorials in the left-hand column of this part of the Glowforge website, as there may be more you can learn in the rest of them!


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