What have you made for your campers?

Our daughter finished treatment for leukemia in February and we were expecting to go to Disney for her Make-A-Wish trip but then… COVID-19.
Because travel wishes are not happening right now, we are in the process of changing her wish to a camper - she would be absolutely THRILLED to be able to go camping, and this will be great because it can be utilized for YEARS. :sparkling_heart:

I’ve seen a few ideas posted here like a spice rack (so cool!) and signs.

What other things have you made that have been helpful in your camper? I was thinking of things like some kind of maybe organizers for the bathroom or the little kitchenette drawers etc but I’m guessing that you guys have made some amazing things! :smiley:


That is so awesome. Congratulations!

I never had enough stackable storage when I used a camper a lot. Something labelled well and custom fit to your storage areas would be a great start so you can grab it when you need it and stow it away easily later.


I am happy for your family and the end of treatments. In the Free Laser
Design section are some great files - like the simple caddy that can be adapted for all sorts of uses. Also, Jules bee soap holder is whimsical and useful.


I thought about that, but it’s full size…they might want something more compact. I don’t know of anything that I’ve seen that is scaled down for a camper. (But it does open up a new area where people might want to tackle it…storage and organization opportunities abound.)

Got it…check with @markevans36301…he has got a slew of cool organizational hooks for pegboard. You could put that on wall space and really increase your storage capacity…make it decorative, hang some games or toys for rainy days…jacket hooks…


Okay, I don’t own a camper though I’d like to but I’ll chime in since @Jules tagged me.
If I had a camper that I was building or modifying I’d install slot wall or it is sometimes called kerf wall. Then any idea you have hangs and is secure.
As @Jules said, I have designed lots of slat board and pegboard things and am currently doing a lot of french cleat things out in the shop.
Thing is, forget the hanging methods for just a second, they can all be adapted to the other methods, just a matter of getting inspired and getting to it.
Right off for a camper I’d do a paper towel holder, a coat hook by the door, a laptop holder, a remote holder if there is a TV, …


I had not thought of a slatwall! That is a wonderful idea, that would be great! Thanks for the idea @markevans36301! And I love your idea @Jules about scaling designs down for campers! Hmmm… That gives me some ideas to work on later!

A birdie (a fellow cancer mom in the same boat) told me our chapter of Make-A-Wish is providing these campers for wishes: 2020 Coleman 17B

I’m really going to need to work on storage and organization ideas! Luckily there are lots of blogs out there and full-time RV friends who can give us tips. It will be great to make it our own though with unique GF’ed things! :slight_smile: I’m excited. Our family badly needs this so I can’t wait to talk to MAW later this week and get this started!

@markevans36301 Do you have your designs all on etsy? I can’t remember who has what where anymore… . :smiley:

I did a quick search and found some really awesome things to explore later.

Thanks for helping me get the ideas flowing!!


I full timed with the glowforge and made nothing for the trailer except a pair of wood/leather speaker covers.

I would recommend some kind of wall caddy for near the front door, with some hooks. Keys, wallet, small flashlight, headlamp, etc.

Some kind of journey log, destinations/been there, done that, got the t-shirt maybe. Just remember no PVC (vinyl). You could do all 50-states though with magnetic sheets maybe though (or adhere magnetic sheet to wood, etc.) and put it together like a puzzle on the fridge.


Everything I’ve shared is in the free design section here.


yeah - no problems remembering about vinyl - I have a Cricut that will do that! lol (Poor thing hasn’t been used much since I got a GF. Maybe I should take the Cricut in the camper! :D)

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