What I hope the Forge can accomplish


Made this for my Uncle and his wife to be. He’s a huge University of Michigan fan, so decided to make them this. Just wish I had my Forge to do the tedious cutting for me. Still enjoy doing hand made projects but wouldn’t mind to watch my Glowforge do it for me. Haha


That’s great! :slight_smile:


Nice. Two pieces on the GF still.


Thanks. Even with multi pass it can engrave down that much?


Wow just zoomed in…did you do that with a router?

(Thought it was lasered already…that’s beyond a great job!)


Yeah basic old base router on a piece of oak. Thanks again. The bad part is one slip the wrong way ruined piece. Bring on the laser precision.


Wow – that’s fantastic. Go Blue.


Go blue! (and amazing work!)


Thanks guys!


Yeah, on the Glowforge you would have to do this as a two part. You can engrave the outset design on the back plate to help with alignment (and make a trough for glue), but a laser cannot remove that much material, especially not evenly.


Dang. Now that I think about it like that cool bathymetric map on the main GF page is prolly like 7 thin layers glued together, correct?


Yes, definitely so.


You clearly have skills with the hand router. The GF will certainly be able to make you some great stencils, letter shapes, cut guides, and templates.
I have a little Milescraft Signpro jig, and cutting my own font tiles to fit in it was one of my first use-cases for the glowforge.


Wow, that looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with a glowforge!

Thinking about going to Michigan for my masters…all the toys their (multiple!) shops have is so exciting. A whole room just for robots!


I might be looking up those box making clamps for glueing later. Do the thin layers like the map on the GF home page. Definitely would be easier to paint that’s for sure.


LOL when I got my associates in Computer information Systems from Uof M there weren’t even monitors. All punched cards and the green bar paper. COBOL, RBG, Assembler, PASCAL, BASIC and advanced structured COBOL all on punched cards… what a difference several decades makes :slight_smile:


That was my summer job after sophomore year, only with Fortran. Code up some plausible values for the values my professor was trying to figure out, submit the job to get a table of what the experimental results should be, wait… code up some other plausible numbers, wait…

Now you could do the same thing in Excel and get answers as fast as you could type.


Oh wow!! That’s so amazing to think about. Not as big of a leap as that, but I was still using floppy discs in middle school, which was right around the time these crazy ‘flip phones’ were getting all popular…just seeing how much has changed in the 13 years since is mind blowing!