What I use my glowforge for the most

Whenever I tell people I have a laser the first thing they always ask is what do you make with it? My response is always that I use it alot for my work which inevitably leads to the next question of what do you do for work? I always had trouble explaining to people exactly what I do and what I use the laser for until I started a photo collection of things I made on the laser for work. I figured I share some with you since there’s some cool things I’ve had to make. In case your wondering I work at a classic car restoration shop. Here’s a few pictures where the laser comes in handy at work.

This is a 66 mustang bezel and I cut out this material we call camera case to go on the bezel.

Here’s a lens for a power seat switch for a 59 Cadillac I cut etched bent then painted made from acrylic
I also recently made these inserts to mask off areas I didn’t want to paint on b body ralley dash bezels
Here’s what it looks like painted


Using the future to reinvent the past.
Great job.



The gauge cluster for the Mustang startled me. I restored my '66 Emberglow coup - all the way, down to the hand tied wire loom.
Very nice work on that bezel! Great use of your laser :sunglasses:


Thanks! We replicate the factory process except for the laser of course haha. We strip the bezels down to bare plastic, re chrome them, then I mask and paint them. Nice work on the car it looks awsome!


Here’s a better view of it


I thought that chrome job looked, somehow better than what the aftermarket units look. Do you have to flash that in copper first?

No it’s the same process used in the factory called vacume metalization. When we re chrome metal parts we use copper and chrome them that way.

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My friend buys and sells cars all the time. I keep telling him that my laser would be great for some of his projects. I’m going to show him this, maybe he’ll get the idea :slight_smile: