What if the obvious could raise money to buy a Glowforge

I have been working for a while on designs of things I could make with :glowforge: and arrayed cuts to create bends is a part of many of those designs. Wandering through Youtube I found this, which has been noted elsewhere in the forum but I don’t think this extensively used


I realize “extensive” has an arbitrary value, but there are many examples of folks using the technique.



Hmmm had not heard it called living hinge before, but I see even that Youtube is on the list of what has been covered before. it is quite amazing all that has been done with the idea even more amazing that it made Kickstarter.I will leave this up as nubes like myself might see it, but if Admin wants it killed I certainly understand.

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A living hinge is any hinge made from as single part that flexes rather than having separate parts pivoted. For example a Tic-Tac flip up lid.


Now with more marketing videos