What is Glowforge doing RIGHT?! (Holiday Spirit Feedback time!)

  1. The Forum: for a total laser newbie (and forum newbie), this place has been a font of information, experience, and safe place to ask dumb questions.

  2. Dan and Team: for staying the course to make a fantastic piece of equipment that most of us never thought we’d be able to own. For soliciting feedback (and actually taking it into account), for providing superb customer service, and for keeping on when times got hairy.

  3. The Matrix - a fantastic resource built from the experience and generous time of forum members to write up tutorials (@Jules et al).

As others have stated more eloquently, for giving me the opportunity to own a laser at a price point I could afford. Just before the campaign started I’d asked for information from Epilog - and sadly concluded that I would not be owning a laser cutter. Now I not only own this coolest piece of equipment, but I have boundless opportunities before me to make fantastic stuff.


My experience exactly. With $2,000 I deemed disposable I went looking at Epilog, only to be confronted with the reality that a laser was still a pipe dream way out of reach. That same day I wandered into a referral link to glowforge. There was a man who wanted me to have a laser in my home, offering it for $5. less than I had! My first reaction was disbelief.

Having never participated in funding anything online I was hesitant, and labored over the decision for days. Last day, in the last few hours - the unconditional money back guarantee was ringing in my ears, and I thought “what is your problem?” and pulled the trigger.
I immediately went upstairs and announced to my wife I had just bought a laser! :grimacing:

And so began the adventure that would test my patience like nothing before - but I was armored by the possibility of actually owning what had only been a dream.
A few weeks later I wandered into this place, and found it populated with brethren makers who all shared my dream. I had found a new home.

The long wait, it turns out was a good thing. I had a lot to learn. It has been a remarkable journey into new friendships and a new technology . I thank you my friends, and the company that made it all possible!