What is Glowforge doing RIGHT?! (Holiday Spirit Feedback time!)

I have to second this one! When the proofgrade was announced, I thought that was something I probably won’t use. When @dan said we’d get some sample pieces to use, I thought I’d try those pieces and that would be it. Having used it, I ordered another $100 worth just last week.

It’s just so consistent, and already masked to boot. No entering of settings. Saves me a lot of time. Just fantastic!


I have been impressed with how the company handles people who get dud units or mangled UPS deliveries. I have never seen someone here say, “Glowforge said it’s my fault and I have to pay for repairs,” or “Glowforge said sorry, take it up with UPS.” The company just makes it right.

The last time I ordered something HALF as expensive, I had to go over the box with a microscope before I signed off on delivery, and I didn’t rest easy until the thing was plugged in and verified functional.

When my Glowforge arrived, and the UPS guy slung it around every which-way, I didn’t fret because I knew it would be fine one way or another. That is pretty awesome.


I feel this same way.

BTW, @rubbersoul79, is your username in reference to one of the greatest Beatles albums of all time?

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I was noodling that too. There are some similar laser cut “hands” out there but they tend to be very large. I think it’s doable - with the fingers being sectioned/segmented “boxes”. But not sure if they’d be as practical due to the strength and durability characteristics of thermoplastic vs thin plywood.


Receiving Glow-Zomb has been my impetus into entering into the world of entrepreneurship. I have had to learn so many things about running a business, and when I was asked for my first quote, this community jumped to help me sort out actual pricing. I don’t post a lot, but I appreciate the amazing resource that this community is, and enjoy reading posts from all of the people that I have come to recognize here.

The Glowforge is an amazing machine that keeps getting better with each software update, and has a great team to back it. There are only a few companies that I am truly impressed by, and Glowforge has made it on that list.

Thanks for all the work that you all put into all of this ;p


WONDERFUL POINT. They would never hear the end of it, but they are choosing not to do it. :slight_smile:


My favorite. Yes, sir. Don’t recommend using it when online dating though… the stupid questions I heard about what it meant and what they thought it meant… then again I guess it helped me weed them out rather quickly. lol #nobeatlesnodate (Then again, my boyfriend had no idea what it meant but chose to not ask stupid questions lol)


Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a great life skill.


ha ha…good thinking. And good for him to keep his mouth shut!

I think (perhaps wrongly) that a combination approach might be best. 3D printing is probably still the easiest approach for the parts that fit onto a person and likely for fingertips, but much/most of the stuff in between might be easily laserable. And the prototyping cycle is so much faster. (I did a hand for a grade school anatomy class in a day or so – it wasn’t very good, but it got a bunch of ideas across.) And with construction speed and modularity people could play with new ideas much more easily. I’d love to help.


This thread makes me happy.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!


I’ll have what she’s having :laughing::laughing:


You must have pre-ordered an Oculus Rift :joy: I paid $800 for the Rift and Controllers when it came out and they had them on sale for $350 as a set the other day!


I think (perhaps wrongly) that a combination approach might be best.

I think you’re right. Laser cut material is flat, which isn’t going to fit nicely against people. So I’m wondering whether the way to go might be to laser cut the structural elements, and use thermoplastic or 3D printing to make the more organic shapes where the prosthetics interface with the wearer. For fingertips, the “grippy tips” that they sell in office supply stores for people who sort mail, money, etc., work really well, and are cheap and easy to buy.

I don’t have mine yet, but as others have said, the idea that I soon will have a laser cutter is amazing and not something I dreamed possible until 2years ago. I see the beautiful projects people have created posted on the forum and I am inspired. I bought this to quickly cut complex and multiple shapes out of fabrics for quilting projects, but see many other possibilities as well. My creativity has taken a huge step forward just dreaming about using this machine.


Great idea!
• it delivered, not just physically but across the board. Worth the wait to get it right = smaller customer service = more resources towards the software.
• Dan the CEO nailing the forums. Kept confidence high I think.
• It’s freaking awesome!


Ok … So this is my favorite post from 2017!

Ditto to all! Plus, with Glowforge putting pre- release units out … Letting regular people test and have input on improvements. … WOW.


I mean…the big glowing button, right? So satisfying to push, every time.

More seriously (though I am v serious about how much I love that button), I am deeply impressed with the fact that with zero prior laser experience and only sporadic forum reading over the past two years, I was immediately able to start cutting my own designs. Granted, I have lots of Illustrator and vinyl cutting experience but was and mostly still am clueless about pews and zooms, and I loooove that I only have to dig around in the manual settings if I feel like it.


It’s such a delight to get back from a week with the family to read this.

I think the best thing we’ve got going on is all of you… we have the best customers!


Agreed. I’m constantly amazed by what a great bunch of people you have here!