What is maximum referrals?

So after you hit 10 referrals how long does it take to get more referral slots? Anyone know what the maximum number of referrals is?

The maximum $ amount is covered in the terms of the program.

Thanks but this line is sort of confusing.

“Maximum award during this time without prior Glowforge approval is $6,000.00 in credit.”

If I just take the cash and not the credits does that $6000 limit still apply? And what does the bit about prior glowforge approval mean?

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It means you need to get permission from them before getting additional credits/cash/referral fees. 10 machine referrals is the program limit, (no matter the dollar amount), without clearing it with them first.

There have been multiple attempts at a couple of rather shady practices to score and profit from referral credits. They will deny excessive credit harvesting and shut it down.

Thanks for the reply. I tried to email them but have not gotten a response yet. I have referred 8 people so far and I would hate to run out of slots.

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