What is the current price for glowforges?

A friend of mine just asked me.

also is the referral system still alive if he gets one?

I believe the referral bonus is still active.

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I found that page, but I was thinking that was just preorder pricing.

I think those are the current prices - they’re still in Pre-Order mode. (Which means they might go up later.)

Oh, how enlightening! or is that glowing? hmmmm…

btw, Jules your tutorials ROCK!

Now I wonder where my referral link is… sheesh… LOL


If you login at glowforge.com, under your portrait in the upper right hand corner is a link to “referrals”. If you click on that, your referral link is at the top of the page along with encouragement to use it.

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I don’t have a visible link showing up.

If ‘Referrals’ is not there under your email, I would ping support.

When I click on the “Referral” under my email address, it takes me to: https://glowforge.com/referrals which looks like this:


Also check any adblockers if it isn’t showing up.


it was the ad blocker.

and here I was thinking I was just being picked on.

Thanks so much!

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:slight_smile: guess who had to figure out why he couldn’t see his code for a bit a while back.


can you give me a hint? LOL

thanks again.