What is the type & thickness of proof grade leather that comes in the samples with a new Glowforge

Hello all. Im trying to purchase more leather similar to the leather that came in the samples with my new Glowforge. Can anyone tell me what thickness is was? Thin, Medium or thick? I should have saved the sticker but that was my first toy I played with …

Medium Natural Leather is what came with my Glowforge.


Thank You!!

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@ritadian is correct! Thanks for responding. I’m going to close this ticket.

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The “thick” PG is natural veg tanned–but it’s quite thin in the world of leather… it’s actually only about 3-4oz thick, as I recall. Leather is defined by the “ounce” vs. thickness if you’re buying it from other sources (I printed out a table I found that translates this into inches or mm). But by no means feel limited to only using that thickness or type of leather in your GF…

I took some to Tandy and asked them what they recommended that was similar and veg tanned.
They got me sorted rather fast.

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