What is the usual GAP?


Between the Proofgrade goody box arriving and the Glowforge?

I just got alerted this AM that my PF box was coming today.

Trying to decide if I need to panic getting the spot ready.


Got my proofgrade email last night and will get delivery today (perks of living in TN). I got my magic email on Oct 30th. From everything I have seen the average time from email to glowforge in hand is around 22 days. I do not expect to see mine until the 20th, but as late as the 30th.


I’d say slow steady rise to PANIC --> then DELIGHT. :sunglasses:


My gap will be exactly 2 weeks (Glowforge arriving this Thursday the 9th, Proofgrade box arrived Oct 26th). Seems that for most people the gap is about 2-3 weeks. I’d note that I got the UPS My Choice notification about the shipping date of the Glowforge at least a week in advance of the email that Glowforge sent out.


After seeing Joker’s reply. I think I will ramp up to panic quicker than a slow steady rise. :slight_smile:


The slow steady rise had been the last two years. :nerd_face:


Depends on your location (amongst other factors). Some west coasters have gotten the forge before the Proofgrade just because of transit times from Milpitas compared to TN.


ROFLMAO. DUH. No kidding. What was I thinking?


I’m in Kentucky so I figure the journey from CA is going to be a long one.


Don’t worry. You will soon experience time dilation, and it will seem to take forever.


Wh!t city in TN? I am in Knoxville. I think it took about 10 days.


Blountville, just on the other side of Johnson City.

10 days from when? 10 days from PG to GF?




My Glowforge arrived ahead of my proofgrade; but I don’t think that’s been a thing for several months.
In any case, a little nesting and prepping is probably a good idea, if you can make time among your current responsibilities.


Well I just got an alert that a house we really like has just had a price cut. So now it is in range. so gee now there will be NO sleep.