What is this forum coming to?



It’s midway through Thanksgiving day and I have yet to see a hand turkey.

I’m concerned. And also a bit disappointed. :wink:

I know that @dean especially has an affinity for hand turkeys.

Either way, I’m pretty thankful for this forum and its members, and the amazing, voluminous amount of knowledge that gets shared here.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all - even if it’s not a holiday wherever you reside :slight_smile:


Not a hand turkey, but used Steph’s turkey pattern to make dinner favors:


Happy Hand Turkey Day to you too @jbmanning5 and all! Hope everyone is able to spend this day at peace and in the comfort of family (of blood or choice) and friends.




The texture on the leaf attached to the vine really adds a nice touch.


And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too…though where I am, it’s nearly over! I had one lonely Steph turkey on my table, but I had made more and given them away.


That’s even better than a whole rafter!


What’s a hand turkey?
Sounds a bit suspect to me!


Not made on the Glowforge … but, the first photo is my 3 year old Grandson’s traced turkey hands colored in … and the second one is his painted hand turkey.


What program do you use to create the jigsaw puzzle pattern


This is just a standard puzzle render from the Inkscape jigsaw plugin with no grid variation, etc. Only thing I can seem to use Inkscape for ha. I take it from there into Illustrator.


HE is adorable!


Not a handturkey, but took the opportunity to check on a few things with the recently setup Glowforge Pro:

  • Whether Affinity Designer is up to the task of generating SVG (yes, just a few issues)
  • To gauge if the external vent setup was feasible (seems fine)
  • Noise level? 74db, or roughly a handheld vacuum cleaner.

In all, @Dan & team put out a solid product. Looking forward to exploring the capabilities of this machine. Happy Thanksgiving!


Congrats on receiving your pro! I’ve been using Affinity Designer with my basic since I got it in August. Have not had any issues that weren’t operator error. What an amazing machine this is!


Thank you! I’m pretty crazy about the little guy.


Adorable model for sure!!!


Phew! :smile:


What a cutie! That grin is adorable! :grinning:


my god these kids are adorable!


"I’m pretty crazy about the little guy."
I was skipping around the thread and thought you meant the Glowforge!