What is your best cold/flu remedy?

Being that we have so many sage and diverse people on the forum, I’d like to get some ideas about how best to get over a bout of the flu. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I’m sincerely hoping there aren’t too many other folks in distress right now. :flushed: :dizzy_face: :mask:


the only thing I can recommend is don’t crack a rib coughing (like I did last week)


You won’t like it. :relaxed:

Take two Tablespoons of Turmeric and 1 Tablespoon of Ginger and mix it into 6 ounces of honey. Stir well before each use.

Drink a heaping teaspoon of the mixture in hot milk (or tea) a couple of times a day. It’s very soothing, and knocks a cold/flu out in a flat hurry.


:cry: I hope you feel better soon…I haven’t had the flu in over 10 years but for colds I make an “elixer”, as my son calls it, with organic unfiltered apple cidar vinegar, honey, tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne. It helps with congestion too. My cold lasts only about a day if I take this every 4 hours and drink lots of room temp water.


Ouch @Clone ! That sounds horrible. I think part of my issue is that I can’t seem to summon a good cough to help clear my lungs.

@Jules & @smcgathyfay sounds like the thing to try. I have all those in the kitchen, maybe I’ll alternate formulas. Thank you so much.

My husband swears by Mucinex D. If the turmeric doesn’t do it, try that.

(I don’t generally catch a lot of colds, and haven’t had the flu in years, but i take some turmeric honey several times a week just to keep my immunity levels high. And it tastes good.) :relaxed:


Tamiflu, if you have the flu, works after you get it.

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I’ve been using that, which usually helps, but not so much this time.

Breathing the spices now, (yum) waiting for my water to heat.

If you are shaking terribly with the chills, I have found a steam room to help.

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Only got the chills every 20 minutes or so, the rest of the time I feel like a steam room. I’ll venture out for some of that Tamiflu later.

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Ginger’s actually great for clearing your lungs - might want to go TBS turmeric and 2 TBs Ginger instead if you’ve got fluid in the lungs.

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Sounds like a plan. I added the cinnamon to the mix, was too chicken to add the cayenne for the first dose. My throat already feels better & my sinuses are beginning to open up. Thank you Jules!


Vitamin C


Influenza can be a pretty serious virus. Deadly even. You might want to check in with your PCP. As with must bad things, best to avoid it altogether. Best ways to do that is get your flu shot yearly and wash your hands a lot.


I’ve never thought that could be possible :open_mouth:

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For sure, I’m also using echinacea & goldenseal, just doesn’t seem to be helping as much as it usually does.

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I thought you were kidding! :hushed: You need the honey ginger turmeric too! Yikes!

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Yeah, at my age, I should rethink my stance on the flu shot. I’ve just always thought that by the time a treatment is given out that the virus has already mutated beyond that variant. We get a lot of personnel turnover in our production area, which constantly exposes me to lots of new bugs. The long hours and night air don’t help the situation. Also, full disclosure, I still smoke, but I’m down to two butts a day, so I’m almost done with that.


I think with a cough (maybe soar throat too?) “slippery elm” is called for. We drink
Throat Coat. Never thought it would work in 100 years…but it does for me.

I hope all feel better soon!


Speaking about myself, and absolutely not you… When I got down to 2 a day, I told myself I’m an idiot. That holding on to these 2 is almost as bad as a pack a day. So one day, I lit up one of the two (at this point I wasn’t even buying… just bumming) and I took a single drag… and I said to the guy I bummed it from, “Listen, I hope you don’t mind, I know I just bummed this off of you, but I’m going to toss this, stomp on it, and I’m never smoking again. It tastes like sh*t and I’m just done.” And that was it… Here we are just over 4 years later and I never once had another drag.

Don’t get me wrong… hardest damn thing I ever did. Ya gotta be in the mind set… completely. Damn near impossible, but not.

Hope that story helps a little!

PS: I read that my thinking wasn’t off… Smoking even 1 cigarette after you quit brings your brain back to the state where it wants to smoke. So smoking 2 a day really was almost as bad as a pack a day mentally speaking.