What kind of metal can be used

What kind of metal can be engraved I don’t see any on the materials list

A ~40 watt CO2 laser cannot engrave any metal.

It can be used with marking material such as ceremark or an acid such as vinegar.
It can be used to remove a layer of anodization off aluminum.

Do a search on the forum for the type of metal you’re looking for and you’re likely to find a number of projects.

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So sorry for the delayed response! Thanks, @deirdrebeth, for stepping in.

Glowforge can etch some metals, like anodized aluminum, directly. Other metals, like stainless steel, work best if you spray them first with Cermark, or other materials as they suggested. This process discolors the metals but does not engrave them away, so the surface still feels smooth to the touch.

Unfortunately the power levels of a desktop machine aren’t quite enough to cut metal, so your best bet is lasercutting a template or jig, then using that as a guide for a blade or saw. I should also mention that we’re big fans of Bantam Tools and X-Carve, desktop CNC machines that can mill out soft metals. We want to be sure you get the right tool for what you need!

Thank You that was very helpful

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